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What to wear for a family photoshoot?

So, you've booked your photographer, corralled all your family and are looking forward to having some beautiful photographs of your nearest and dearest......but what to wear?

Having a family photoshoot is something which should be fun and memorable and being happy with how you look and feel in them will only add to how much you love looking at the pictures over the years to come!

Family Photoshoot Wiltshire
Savernake Forest

Comfort or style?

It goes without saying that you should all be comfortable, and dressed suitably for where we are. If we are romping around the Wiltshire countryside in January I would say that wellies are a must but a beach in July we can probably go barefoot. Climbing trees in Savernake Forest will probably require trainers or sturdy shoes throughout the year.

But as well as being comfortable you will want to feel good. You will be looking at the photos on your walls for years to come so if you fancy treating yourself to something new to make you feel confident and a bit special I say go for it, but it certainly isn't necessary.

What works well?

I would start with thinking about what you all normally wear and reflect you and your family. If you're a jeans and jumper kind of gang go with that, but if you all enjoy being a bit smarter then maybe it's a chance to capture you all in your flowery summer outfits.

I would try and choose reasonably classic designs as you don't want to date your photos too quickly. I am also a huge fan of textures which can add depth and interest to your pictures. And don't be afraid of using a few accessories as a great way of showing off your families personality.

Also have a check that everything fits in advance of the day. Heavier well fitting fabrics do tend to hang a bit better and whilst tight t-shirts will look amazing when you're standing up, they may not look so great when your bending down having a snuggle with one of your children.

Should we be matchy matchy?

That is entirely up to you! What can work really well is choosing outfits across the family that blend well together. My biggest tip is to start with one outfit, and then decide what everyone else is wearing from there. I am always happy to talk about outfits, and regularly have WhatsApp chats with parents in advance of a shoot with them sending different outfit possibilities through.

Here is a handy colour guide to give you some inspiration!

Blending with your surroundings?

It may also be worth having a little think about your surroundings. If you're having a photoshoot in one of the many beautiful bluebell woods we have around Marlborough you may want to have a think about complimenting the amazing backdrop they make.

Creams, greys, shades of blue and pastels all look lovely with the tones of the bluebells and the surrounding forest. It's also worth remembering that Bluebells are mainly found in shaded areas so even on the sunniest of days it may feel a little chillier than it actually is.

West Woods, Manton near Marlborough, Wiltshire

What not to wear....

I am very relaxed so anything goes!

But, I would advise against any one person wearing really really bright colours or neon as they will really stand out. Also, clothes with large writing or faces can draw attention away from all your lovely faces. It's the same with large patterns. Try and say no to that favourite Pokemon T-Shirt!

I do also ask everyone to remove everything from their pockets, especial the men as phones and car keys can really stand out in photographs. I am always happy to pop anything into my camera bag for safe keeping.

Ultimately your photographs need to reflect you and your family and choosing clothes that you love, feel comfortable in and won't date too much mean you can't go wrong.

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