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Here are some handy tips and information for family photoshoots to help the day go smoothly and let you know how it all works. You can also read more handy tips in my blog.

As part of all my packages I always make sure we have a telephone call in advance of our session when we can chat through all of this and anything else you need to know.

What should we wear for our family photoshoot?

The short answer is something comfortable and that you feel good in but professional family pictures are things you will be looking at for years to come so it is worth giving it a little thought in advance.


Some families like to wear similar colours. I am not suggesting you all match (unless you want to) but colours that compliment each other can be work really well. Try starting with one person, work out what they are going to wear and go from there.


If coordinating isn’t your bag do try to avoid tops with lots of writing on them or faces as it will distract from your lovely smiling faces. Also have a think about the time of year. I try to keep everyone moving and having fun but there will inevitably be some standing still so if it’s cold a coat is always handy.


Remember to check pockets for keys / phones / wallets as they can look bulky and out of place in pictures. You can always put them in my camera bag for safe keeping!


I am very happy to give you more guidance on what to wear, please just ask. 



How long will my photo shoot last? 


I generally say between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the package you choose. I want to ensure that we are not rushing and it can be scheduled in between naps / mealtimes if needed. As a Mum of 3 I am pretty good at being able to spot when someone needs a snack or a quick games of footie in between pictures.


Where will the photo shoot take place?


Your shoot can take place in your home or a location of your choice. If you are unsure, I have lots of good ideas and we can have a chat about where to meet.




Will I be asked to do lots of smiling / silly poses?


Absolutely not.


I do give a little direction in terms of the best light and flattering positions and will always do some traditional facing the camera portraits but I try to capture your family interacting on a relaxed and natural way. 


I will never forget being taken off on my wedding day by our photographer and asked to stand by the hotel pool (we got married in Cyprus) and pretend I was about to jump in…IN MY DRESS and SHOES….. I felt very silly and obviously in the photo ended up looking a bit silly. It really didn’t reflect me or how I felt on that day in anyway (I am a big wimp and anyone who knows me knows how much I hate cold water). 


My aim with every shoot it to tell the story of your family, not to make you feel on show or under pressure. Saying that if you have a fun idea you would like to try I am very happy to give it a go!

What happens after the photoshoot?


After the photoshoot and I have edited your photos I will send you a link to your password protected online album, usually within a week. You are free to share the link with whoever you choose and select your favourites. 


Can we bring our pet?


Yes! He /she is part of your family.


This all sounds good. How much does a photoshoot with you cost?

You can see my different prices and packages here

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