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Personal branding photography - Top Tips for getting the best from your photoshoot

Whether you've got a brand new business or have been up and running for a while, photographs of who you are and what you do have never been more important. We've all heard the phrase 'people buy from people' so being visible on your website and social media is a must. Here are a few top tips of what to think about and chat through with your photographer when planning a personal branding photoshoot for your business.

Finding the right photographer

Choosing the right photographer can be daunting as there are so many wonderful photographers out there. Chat to fellow business contacts and friends, if you like their photos a personal recommendation is great. But make sure you have a good look through there website and social media as what works for one person may not be best for you. Finding someone you 'click' with (no pun intended) who you feel will help you relax and even have fun in front of the camera will really help you get the best photographs you need for your business.

Fake it till you make it

Don't be too daunted! I have only met a very small handful of people who love having their photograph taken, most of us hate the idea of being in front of the camera. But you will be much happier with the results of a photoshoot for you and your business if you show up with confidence.....even if you're faking it! And after all you are paying money for professional photographs so you want to make the most of your investment.


If you are investing in professional photographs for your business it is crucial to set aside some time to work out what photographs you need. Are they for your website, and do you need banner shots as well as headshots? What messages are you focusing your social media around? Which images will help you get that message out there? All my personal branding packages include a call or meet up in advance where we can chat through your requirements and plan a shot list in advance........and I always leave a little room for a little spontaneity as well!

Choose a location that says something about you and your business

Choosing the right location can be a tricky one, especially if like many of us you work at home. Saying that, I love photoshoots at people's homes as it can show a lot about them and their lives. But if you feel it's not the right place for your pictures, or won't speak to your ideal client the way you would like them to there are plenty of other options, including the great outdoors! I have some super location ideas up my sleeve, as well as a studio in my garden and am always happy to chat through different options.

I am also planning to run 'mini sessions' at some stunning locations throughout 2023. Do keep an eye out for more details about them.

What to wear

The simple answer to this question is clothes that feel like you, and that fit well. You are much more likely to love your photographs if you like and feel confident in the outfit you have chosen. I often have Whatsapp chats with people ahead of their photoshoot so they can send me different outfit options they are thinking of, I'm always happy to help!

As well as clothes you love, have think about your brand colours. Wearing clothes that compliment them can help your photographs sit well within your branding and website, it might only need to be a pop of colour. I would also recommend thinking out about layers. Ie if you put a jacket / cardigan over a dress, you can remove it for different shots. This can also help your photos feel relevant throughout the year as you are not stuck using images of you in a winter coat in June.

I am planning a longer blog post about what to wear for a headshot or personal branding photoshoot so watch this space!

Make up and hair

The important thing to remember with your hair and make up is that you will love your professional photographs even more if you think they look like you. If you are planning a change with your hair, try and plan it at least a month before your photoshoot, that way you will have got used to it and it will have settled down by the time it gets to you shoot day.You can't however go wrong with a bit of a blow dry near the day of your photoshoot if it's your style.

The camera is pretty forgiving when it comes to make up so don't worry about it looking too much, especially if you don't normally where much make up day to to. My suggestion is to wear the amount of make up you would normally wear for a special occasion or a night out (maybe minus the false lashes unless you where them on a daily basis 😉).


For some businesses, whether or not to use props in your photos will have a clear answer. If you are an Artist or a Fitness & Wellness professional you will use props in your day to day work. But if you work with a computer and phone desk for most of your day, choosing what to include in your photos can be more of a challenge. A trick is to think about your day (or ideal day) and which parts of it will help your potential clients learn a little bit more about you. If you start each day with a smoothie and a run, let's include that in your shot list.

Finally........Use the pictures!

You've made the investment, planned and showed up for your photoshoot. It's now time to share your images. Unless you're a seasoned professional (or a supermodel) it will naturally feel like a big deal to upload your new photos, but more often than not everyone who supports you and your business will LOVE seeing you're face. Just give it a try......

Thanks for reading this post. I love working with business owners to create images that show your ideal clients who you are, what you do and why that is so special. If you have a new business or looking to update your images, get in touch for a chat. You can see lots of images from my recent Personal Branding and Headshot photoshoots on my website and social media.


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