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Six reasons why it maybe time to update your Headshot

With so much of our lives now online, having a professional up to date headshot is crucial to presenting yourself as a trust worthy and approachable professional. Especially if you find the right photographer who can help your personality shine through.

Here's a short checklist for when is the right time to update that LinkedIn photo.

Your current headshot looks unprofessional

First impressions count! We’ve all been guilty of rushing a job, but just posting an OK picture from your phone as your headshot is not going to look professional. Nearly all potential clients will do a bit of online research before getting in touch, and an up to date professional headshot which shows your personality is an invaluable tool at nailing that first impression.

You've updated your ‘look'

Maybe you’ve got a new hair style, glasses or some time has passed since your last headshot. A good up to date headshot will help show you are a serious professional and willing to invest in you and your business.

Putting a face to your name

A simple one, you and how you present of yourself are part of your ‘brand’ and a high quality headshot can only make a good impression professionally.

You're job hunting or have recently got a new job

Take a look at the photos of your potential new colleagues. A headshot that mirrors where you want to be will help you look the part.

Future Planning

High quality headshots can be used for lots of things, not just LinkedIn and social media. Think press releases, conference and speaking panel bios, newsletters etc. No more wandering round with your phone trying to find some nice light and a plain background every time anyone asks for a photo of you.

Team headshots

Does all your workforce have a professional headshot? Do all your team members have headshots that look the same? If not maybe it’s time to update that ‘About Us’ page. Investing in good quality headshots for your team will also make them feel valued professionally.

I hope this is a useful read. If you need a new headshot I have a studio in my home in Ramsbury. I can also travel to your workplace or office for whole team sessions. I also run regular "headshot' days, just sign up to my newsletter to hear about future dates.

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